Auteur : Olivier DARDILLAC
Compositeur : Patrice MORREALE
Interprète : O.P.G.D

Chant / Choeurs : Olivier DARDILLAC
Guitare Lead : Clémentine PARODI
Batterie /Guitare Solo : Patrice MORREALE
Pianos : Shirley SAVIO


Like you never been there
My life is so unfair
But don’t you understand
Where is your mistake
When your word sounds so fake
My hope disappears
But here comes my tears
No one could save
No one could save my soul
You’ve just make me fall

Oh can’t you see
You’re killing me
Looking for somewhere
Somewhere behind
A place to hide
A place for my mind

No one could see
No one could feel
Everything we need
Unless the heart is touch
And broken so much

Give me a chance
For a new romance
Just a litte try
It makes me cy
We don’t need to remain
Life will never be the same

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